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The "AG" Story

We founded Adirondack Gypsy Vanners and Drum Horses out of a pure passion for Gypsy Vanners. Our primary goal is to share the very best traits that make the Gypsy Vanner the dynamic, brilliant breed of horse they are. When you bring an "AG" Gypsy Vanner or Drum Horse home, we want you to be proud of your horse not only for their appearance, but also because of their mind, temperament, and personality.

Looking for the top names in the Gypsy Vanner breed? We have them. Have you fallen in love with the horses imported and bred by Gypsy Gold, the first Gypsy Vanner farm in the United States to import these incredible horses? Our mares GG Chloe, CR Angelica, and CR Alouette are out of some of the Gypsy Gold farm's greats - The Gypsy King, Shampoo Girl, Latcho Drom, and Crown Darby. Are you looking for some of the great foundation horses in this beloved breed? Our mares all carry the names of the "greats" - The Producer, The Roadsweeper, Shogun, Lloyds, The Lion King, Taskin, The Coal Horse, The PO Stallion, Bob the Blagdon, Woolly Mammoth of North Fork, and so many more! Fancy certain cob breeders from "over the pond"? We have horses from them also! Many of our horses were imported from, bred by or out of horses bred by the Downs' (SD Farms), Hermits, Lex Lin, and Coates. Want flash and color? Our mare and stallion pairings can produce roans, blanket appaloosas, tobiano, sabino, and solid patterns in our foals with possibilities for buckskin, bay, chestnut, black, and smoky black for color outcomes.

Our Adirondack Gypsy Vanner & Drum Horse family go above and beyond to ensure that the Gypsy Vanners and Drum Horses bred in our program exemplify the breed standards. Our goal is to produce broad-chested horses ​with heavy, rounded hips, short back, thick bone structure, strong, ample hooves, an abundance of silky feather, a thick, flowing mane, and a sweet head with small fox ears and a strong neck. The horses selected as broodmares and stallions in our program are selected not only for their physical appearance, but more importantly for their kind, intelligent, and outgoing nature. ​

Our farm has invested in foundation cob bloodlines, with breathtaking mares carefully selected to pair with our 3 incredible stallions. Rough-N-Ready BamBam is built to impress! With an estimated mature height of 14.2 hands, his soft eyes and bay color with pintaloosa pattern covering his thick hips and croup this boy can be paired with almost any mare to produce an outstanding foal. DTR Ice Storm is the blue roan Gypsy Vanner you have been waiting for! Flashy is an understatement for this boy! With the one of the thickest manes, tail, and feather we have seen on a young cob, Ice Storm is double bred out of the late Pompeii. This boy has a solid mind, a very relaxed demeanor, thick, proper build, and superior bloodlines. We expect Ice Storm to grow to be 14.3 hands. Last, but certainly not least, we have Latcho's King Tut. This magnificent stallion is a son of Latcho Drom and Grandson of the first imported Gypsy Vanner to the United States, Custhi Bok. Tut is light on his feet yet has a presence about him in his movement that makes you want to watch him move all day. 

All of the Adirondack Gypsy Vanners & Drum Horses are PSSM/FIS negative (lab tested). Our Gypsy Vanners are registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS), our Clydesdale mares are registered with the Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A., and our drum foals are registered with the International Drum Horse Association (IDHA).

Adirondack Gypsy & Drum Horses has the equine partner you have been looking for. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer, meet our mares and stallion, and see the horses we have for sale.


Gouverneur NY United States 13642

cell: 720.636.0991

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